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COVID vaccine information
Please watch these Q&A videos regarding the COVID vaccine from Mott Children's Hospital. These are very informative videos that will help answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have any further questions, please call our office and we can help answer them for you. Our office is highly recommending COVID vaccines for the age groups available. Here is part 1 and part 2.



Pfizer vaccine update
We have Pfizer vaccines in for all age groups starting at age 5 through 20.Please call our office today and schedule an appointment.

Telehealth visits available
Great news - we have added telehealth visits for the following health complaints: rash, possible pink eye and corona virus screening.  Please visit our Facebook page daily for information on times and provider available.

See ages birth through 20yrs
Cereal City Pediatrics is happy to announce we have expanded our age range, and we are now caring for young people birth to 21 years of age! We are excited about this change in policy, as we enjoy the relationships we have built over the years with patients as they mature from children to young adults. University of Michigan recently announced all patients up to age 21 referred to them will see pediatric subspecialists. Pediatrics is the specialty of taking care of young people -- so this really makes sense. Twenty year olds and seventeen year olds are more medically similar than twenty year olds and sixty year olds -- so both general and subspecialty pediatricians are more attuned to the needs of the young patient. This also is an age when we hear many young people fail to identify with a primary doctor, so continuing to be there for our patients will benefit their health and well-being.

As a reminder, it is recommended that all patients get a yearly physical. These are important even for healthy children and young adults. While we always review and discuss immunizations, there is much more than that involved. We screen for numerous issues. Yearly measurements are invaluable -- they clue us in to issues ranging from celiac disease due to gluten sensitivity, thyroid issues, diabetes and prediabetes - among other things. Also, we check for high blood pressure, which has no symptoms and is beneficial to diagnose at an early age. We review a health history, which may indicate lab work needs to be done or alert us to issues that need attention. It is also a good opportunity to monitor chronic issues and to ensure that medicines are up-to-date. A full physical exam can identify heart problems, scoliosis in our growing population, or skin issues including precancerous skin lesions. We review any immunizations that are recommended, including any new changes. We typically can address most health concerns during the physical -- though there is a lot involved in the well visit alone.  Therefore, if there are a large number of concerns or a significant illness, please let us know when scheduling.

We look forward to being a part of all of our patients lives from the time they are born…. through early young adulthood. Thank you for allowing us to share these times with you!

Drs Tim White and Allison Halonen

Note from Dr. White, Dr. Halonen & Dr. Bryant:
At Cereal City Pediatrics we understand your time is important, so we strive to provide care that balances convenience and quality. There is no substitute for face to face visits for your child with a good physical exam. It allows us to examine specific areas of concern — to see if your child’s ear is infected and hear if there is a pneumonia or wheezing for example. When an exam is needed, we try to be as available as possible with our extended weekly hours and Saturday and Sunday office hours. When we can provide quality care without an exam, we do that free of charge for all of our active patients. While most things are best treated with a hands-on exam, some issues, such as lice, and diaper rashes, can usually be treated by phone. Call our nurse line first if you have concerns about any of these. Our goal is to provide total care for your child — each and every time you have a concern.