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We will be receiving a shipment of Moderna within the next week or so. We have created a waiting list for patients that are wanting this vaccine. If you are 18 and older and would like to be placed on a list, please call our office and we will contact everyone once the vaccine arrives to schedule an appointment.

With the current storage regulations for the PFIZER vaccine, we won't be receiving those vaccines until mid to late June. Until we receive the appropriate storage for that vaccine, we are unable to receive a shipment for those vaccines. If anyone would like to get their child on a list for the PFIZER vaccine, please call our office and let us know. Once those are available, we will call to schedule. The PFIZER vaccine is approved for patients 16 and older.

Both Moderna and Pfizer require two doses. No vaccines can be given two weeks before or two weeks after your COVID vaccine.

As always, we want to be available for all of your healthcare needs and we are very excited for the opportunity to start vaccinating our patients.